Updated 2016 Grand Total!

Thank you all.   That’s as good a place to begin as any.

Last summer, all of us involved in Fighting Back were blown away when we somehow managed to raise nearly $25 000.   With that, we had our running total hit nearly $85 000.   The moment that total was announced, all eyes turned to this year, and our goal of raising $15 000, and topping $100 000 since 2011 in memory of Phrank Morin.

Based on the history of the event, that total seemed very reachable… However, it would be a lie to say that each year the preparation for the next Fighting Back event became more and more of a struggle.  And knowing this, nothing was a sure thing heading into 2016’s event.

As the year progressed, the event started to come together.  While funds were much tighter than any previous year’s event, all involved wouldn’t let that stand in the way of the event achieving its goal.

And now, all is said and done, and the 2016 edition of Fighting Back is in the history books… and somehow, despite the struggles of making it all happen, we have toppled our highest of goals.

Previously we announced a grand total of over $33 000.  Well, we have some to add to that, and we will get to that soon.

As is now annual tradition, now is the moment to give Thanks to all those who made this year happen, and helped us topple our previous total.

Obviously, thank you to all of the fans who have come out year, after year, and supported this event.  Without you, there is no way the Fighting Back event would have existed beyond a one year event.  Your support showed us that this event was important, and one that should become annual.

No words can properly give an adequate THANK YOU to newLegacyInc.  A community that has literally raised tens of thousands of dollars over the last couple of years for Fighting Back, and helped us top ourselves year after year.      The amount of money they raised is the only way we have been destroy goals year, after year.   Thank you to all involved and those behind the scenes who make it all happen.   We are forever grateful to have found a partnership with your amazing community.

Thank you to every wrestler, promoter, personality, and promotion, who used their platform to promote, raise funds and raise awareness for the Fighting Back cause.  We meant it when we said that this is a community effort.  Year after year, you all prove it.
Thank you.

With all of that said, who knows what 2017’s event will bring us to?   If this year showed us anything, it is that anything is possible!

And now, what you have all been waiting for…

With a couple dollars still trickling in, we’re very pleased to announce that the updated total for the 2016 edition of Fighting Back: Wrestling with Cancer is…

$37 000


2016 Thank YOu

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