Fighting Back 4: Wrestling with Cancer – Official Results

Fighting Back 4: Wrestling with Cancer – Official Results
Friday August 15, 2014
Vanier Columbus Club, Ottawa, Ontario
Attendance:  300+
Announcer: The Voice
Commentators: Adam B, Mike Rotch, Ben Gordon, Rahim Ali
Referees:  Bakais, Bryce Remsberg, Serge St. Denis, Alex Hetfield

VIP Battle Royal
El Hijo Del Bamboo won a battle royal, outlasting 15 other competitors.

1.)   FBI Invitational Round #1 Scramble: Pinkie Sanchez pinned Addy Starr, to claim victory, in a match that also included Chaz Lovely, Cecil Nyx, Ashley Sixx, and Juan Francisco de Coronado.

2.)   FBI Invitational Round #1 Scramble:  Mathieu St. Jacques overcame Sebastian Suave, John Greed, Jaka, Eddy ErDogan, and Jae Rukin.

3.)   Angie Skye defeated Eve and “The Pink Flash” Kira, in a three-way women’s match.

4.)   InterSpecies Wrestling Match: The Food Fighters (Pasquale & Bastian Snow) retained the ISW Tag Team Championships over Mad Cow Disease (Moostafa & Moohammed).

5.)   Chikara Match: The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) & Worker Ant defeated Missle Assault Ant, Qefka the Quiet, & Nokken in a trios match.

6.)   C*4 Champion, Twiggy, “MVP” Michael Von Payton, Vanessa Kraven, & Giant Tiger, defeated “Superstar” Shayne Hawke, Beef Wellington, and 3.O (Shane Matthews & Scott “Jagged” Parker), in a wild 8-man tag.  Twiggy got the pin after he blinded Hawke with a handful of baby-powder.

7.)   FBI Invitational Finals:  Mathieu St. Jacques forced Pinkie Sanchez to submit, after a hard fought 15+ minute battle, to become the 2014 Fighting Back Champion.

8.)   In an outstanding, must-see, six-man tag team match, The Super Smash Brothers and “Speedball” Mike Bailey narrowly overcame The Young Bucks and “Dirty” Buxx Belmar.   

An insane and competitive contest!  

Following the match, the (at that time) tally for Fighting Back was announced at over $15 000!  Stay tuned for details on an updated tally

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