Fighting Back 7: Wrestling with Cancer Results

Saturday, August 12, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario
Attendance:  Standing Room Only

VIP Pre-Show
Ryan Donovan won the VIP Battle Royal to win a spot in the 2017 Fighting Back Invitational.

Main Show
1.   High n’ Mighty (Jonathan Rukin & Velvet Jones) and The Call-Outs (HC Ryder & Paulie Platinum) defeated “MVP” Michael Von Payton, Rahim Ali, and The Fraternity (Channing Decker and Trent Gibson), in a fast paced Eight-Man Tag Team battle.

2.   Bastian Snow captured the InterSpecies Wrestling “Other” Title, when he pinned Champion, Fluffy the Killer Bunny, following the surprise return of his Food Fighters partner, Pasquale the Italian Chef, who knocked out the bunny with a stale loaf of bread.   The match also saw the “Human Rocket” LSG, who came just as close to winning several times.

3.   The debuting Veda Scott defeated Alexia Nicole in a hard fought contest.

4.    In an opening round contest in the Powerbomb.TV Championship TournamentDesean Pratt narrowly defeated fan favourite “Dirty” Buxx Belmar.

5.   In a fast paced, and hard hitting gauntlet battle, Vanessa Kraven became the 2017 Fighting Back Champion, last eliminating Cecil Nyx, to win the Fighting Back Invitational 2017.

Others included in this contest were Dru Onyx, Deeno Benjamin, Ryan Donovan, Decker Lockart, Angie Skye, Mike Orlando, Mark Mercer, and Pat Guénette.

6.   C*4 Champion, Mathieu St. Jacques, retained his title, in a wild, anything goes brawl, against Montreal Hardcore legend, PCP Crazy F’n Manny.

7.   Evil Uno, and Heavy Metal Chaos (James Stone and Alextreme) beat “Superstar” Shayne Hawke, Stu Grayson and Thomas Dubois, in a must-see six man tag team match.

8.   In a first time ever encounter, “Speedball” Mike Bailey narrowly overcame MMA Superstar, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, in an absolute war, and definite Match of the Year Candidate.

No amount of hyperbole can do this match justice.  When it becomes available to view, go out of your way to see this match!

Following the match, both men shook hands and showed their appreciation for the fight that was brought by each.

As per tradition, after the main event, it was announced that 2017’s Fighting Back: Wrestling with Cancer event, in conjunction with NewLegacyInc’s annual streaming event, had raised in total over $38 120, and counting!

We hope to have an updated total in the coming days.   Thank you so much to all who came out, and donated to the cause!

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