#FightingBack5 – THANK YOU! Updated total!

Wow… Where to even begin?

Fighting Back 5 is in the history books (and results will eventually be released, sorry about that), and I think everybody involved is still riding high.

Once again, a worldwide community came together once again, to celebrate Phrank Morin, and other loved ones who have battled Cancer.

Once again, talent from around the world came to Ottawa, to partake in our annual event, and give their all for some of the best fans around.

Once again, tears of joy filled the eyes of many people when another record setting total of donations were announced at the end of the night.

To try and thank everybody who made this year’s Fighting Back the biggest one yet would be impossible. So briefly, let me just touch on a few groups of people who made this event possible.

If you’re a wrestling fan who supported any one of the promotions involved in #FightingBack5 in the last year, and donated in one way or another to this year’s event costs, THANK YOU. The giving that you all did, once again allowed for Fighting Back to take place, in the 100% for charity manner that it does.

If you watched, donated, or participated in anyway with newLEGACYinc’s insanity-filled 24-hours stream that started on August 14th, THANK YOU.   Additional thanks to GameBox and friends, and those who participated in their kick-off streaming session on August 13th.

The community that makes up newLEGACYinc is truly a partner in Fighting Back, and we look forward to hopefully working together in the future, and continuing to shatter records and expectations. We’ve got big goals for 2016 already, and with your partnership, anything is possible!

Finally, if you participated in #FightingBack5, and gave your time and energy to help make this event happen, whether in the ring, or behind the scenes, THANK YOU.   We couldn’t have done this without you. We couldn’t have done this without all of you. Thanks to the promotions that helped raise money throughout the year, all of them. Thanks to the staff who collected funds. Thanks to the donations collected and auctioned off. Thank you all!

Without further ado, we are pleased to announce #FightingBack5’s grand total…

Once every dollar tallied, and final coin counted, we are pleased to announce that we have raised $24, 735!

Nearly $85,000 total raised since 2011!  Truly mind-blowing.  Just amazing.  You are all amazing.  Thank you all so much.


Fighting Back


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